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About the MCDCC

The Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) represents the Democratic Party in Mariposa County.  The MCDCC operates under its own by-laws, the California State Elections Code and the by-laws of the California State Democratic Party

The MCDCC has slots or positions for 23 members distributed amongst the county’s 5 Supervisorial Districts.  The number of slots per district is allocated by the State Party in proportion to the number of Democrats that voted for Governor in each Supervisorial District, and thus can change after each Gubernatorial election.

MCDCC Officers:

Chair: James Whelly

Vice Chair: Christina Oborn

Secretary: Rotating

Treasurer: Kim Monson

Executive Board Representative: Rosemarie Smallcombe

Current Membership

Current membership in the MCDCC is as follows:

District 1:
Lisa Edelheit
Rosemarie Smallcombe
Steve Smallcombe
Two Open Positions

District 2:
Emily Hanchett
Two Open Positions

District 3:
Rick Leinhauser
Suzette Prue
Two Open Positions

District 4:
Aaron Marcus
James Whelly
Two Open Positions

District 5:
Christina Oborn
Vicki Roland
Kim Monson
Two Open Positions

Ex-Officio Members:
Carla Jean Neal
Paulina Miranda
Jessica Morse

The MCDCC has elected 5 members to represent us at the California Democratic Party State Convention:
James Whelly
Lowell Young
Christina Oborn
Rosemarie Smallcombe
Steve Smallcombe

Kim Monson from the MCDCC represents the Assembly District 5 at the Convention