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Both the Mariposa County Democratic Central Committee and the Mariposa Democratic Club have endorsed Brynne Kennedy for Congress.

Brynne S. Kennedy is running for California 4th Congressional district in 2020 and has proven to be a very strong candidate with a real chance to defeat Tom McClintock. Visit her campaign page here.

Tom McClintock is a 40-year career politician and was elected to represent California CD 04 in 2008. At a time when our country badly needs bi-partisan problem solvers, the Lugar Center at Georgetown University has named Tom McClintock as the MOST Partisan Representative in ALL of California, and the fifth most partisan Representative in ALL of Congress (437 members).

How does his partisanship and extreme positions affect our County?

Tom McClintock voted to support one of these (Hint: It wasn’t Half Dome)

We need someone who will work across the aisle to solve today’s difficult problems and bring federal money back to our district. For instance, Yosemite National Park has over $640,000,000 in deferred maintenance, and this crown jewel of the National Park System is key to the economy of Mariposa County. Fortunately, with bipartisan support Congress just passed, and the President signed, the Great American Outdoors Act that takes monies raised from revenues on Federal lands, e.g. oil leases, and use those funds to help pay for this much needed maintenance. Unfortunately, Tom McClintock was one of few House members that didn’t support that bill, while at the same time he voted to protect Confederate monuments. Sierra Forward picked up on this misrepresentation leading to this story and the picture above.

This election cycle we have a real chance for a change in how we are represented with Brynne S. Kennedy, a very successful businesswoman who has now turned her efforts to public service by running for Congress in California CD 04.  The comparison of their careers and experience that could benefit our County could not be starker.  Rather than hopping from one government job to the next, Brynne has created jobs and understands the importance of everyone having healthcare.  She understands the importance of active but sustainable forest management and clean energy to our future.  Click here to see McClintock's job history and all the government jobs he tried for before being elected to “represent” California CD 04.



Unlike her opponent, Brynne also understands the importance of Social Security to our District’s aging population.  McClintock has consistently spoken and voted against Social Security through his entire career as can be seen in this timeline.

Fortune Magazine recently ran an article about Brynne’s campaign including an interview with her as she would be the first female tech founder to serve in Congress.

Brynne Kennedy in Mariposa

Brynne first visited Mariposa County as a prospective candidate for congress in early April of 2019 and stayed for the weekend, meeting with local Democratic leaders.  The following Sunday she returned to stay again in the County, attending Easter Services at the Mariposa United Methodist church and went hiking in Yosemite.  During that visit she shared her disappointment that her camping trip in Yosemite the previous summer had been cancelled due to the Ferguson fire.  She spent her time here learning about wildfires, forest health and and how projects like small scale biomass could not only help with public safety, but could also stimulate our rural economy. 


Brynne returned in May of 2019 for a house party.  She has done several other in-person and now virtual house parties since then.

In August of 2019 Brynne marched with the Mariposa Democrats in our Labor Day parade.

Brynne has been back in Mariposa many times since then either in person or, since the COVID-19 situation, virtually. Here she is congratulating a Mariposa Democratic Party essay contest and scholarship winner.




In April of 2020 when facemasks for medical professionals were in short supply, Brynne was able to use her business connections to secure masks for all of the hospitals in CD 04.  Pictured above is Brynne personally delivering such masks to J. C. Fremont Hospital.

If you want to get involved in her campaign, there are weekly Zoom meetings for the southern counties in CD 04.  Click here to sign up.

Brynne will be doing a virtual town hall for Mariposa on September 19th. If interested, sign up here.